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Pulpit Commentaries Verse 1 Thou art permitted επιτρεπεται σοι — epitrepetai soi. Literally, It is permitted thee. As if Agrippa were master of ceremonies instead of Festus. Agrippa as a king and guest presides at the grand display while Festus has simply introduced Paul.

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For thyself υπερ σεαυτου — huper seautou. Some MSS. Paul is allowed to speak in his own behalf. No charges are made against him. In fact, Festus has admitted that he has no real proof slim down imi any charges.

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Stretched forth his hand εκτεινας την χειρα — ekteinas tēn cheira. Dramatic oratorical gesture not for silence as in Acts ; Acts with the chain still upon it Συμβουλές απώλειας βάρους σε μήνα linking him to the guard.

First aorist active participle of εκτεινω — ekteinō to stretch out. Made his defence απελογειτο — apelogeito.

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In general Paul follows the line of argument of the speech on the stairs chapter Acts Verse 2 I think myself happy ηγημαι εμαυτον μακαριον — hēgēmai emauton makarion. See note on Matthew for makarios Blass notes that Paul, like Tertullus, begins with captatio benevolentiae, but absque adulatione. He says only what he can truthfully speak.

For μακαριος — hēgēmai see note on Philemon and 1 Timothy perfect middle indicative of ηγημαι — hēgeomaiI have considered.

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That I am to make my defence ηγεομαι — mellōn apologeisthai. Genitive with ων εγκαλουμαι — egkaloumai as in Acts or by attraction from accusative of relative εγκαλουμαι — ha to case of καλές αδυνάτισμα κάλτσες α — pantōn.

Verse 3 Especially because thou art expert μαλιστα γνωστην οντα σε — malista gnōstēn onta se. Γνωστην — Gnōstēn is from γινωσκω — ginōskō and means a knower, expert, connoisseur. Plutarch uses it and Deissmann Light, etc. Agrippa had the care of slim down imi temple, the appointment of the high priest, and the care of the sacred vestments.

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But the accusative οντα σε — onta se gives trouble here coming so soon after σου — sou genitive with επι — epi. Buttmann held it to be an accusative absolute after the old Greek idiom. Τυχον — Tuchon is such an instance though used as an adverb 1 Corinthians It is possible that one exists in Ephesians Customs and questions ετων τε και ζητηματων — ethōn te kai zētēmatōn.

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Both consuetudinum in practicis and quaestionum in theoreticis Bengel. Agrippa was qualified to give Paul an understanding and a sympathetic slim down imi. Paul slim down imi perfectly the grand-stand play of the whole performance, but he refused to be silent and chose to use this opportunity, slim as it seemed, to get a fresh hearing for his own case and to present the claims of Christ to this influential man.

His address is a masterpiece of noble apologetic.

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Patiently μακροτυμως — makrothumōs. Adverb from μακροτυμος — makrothumos Only here in the Slim down imi.

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Vulgate has longanimiter. Long spirit, endurance, opposite of impatience. So Paul takes his time. Verse 4 My manner of life την μεν ουν βιωσιν μου — tēn men oun biōsin mou. Know ισασι — isāsi. Verse 5 Having knowledge of me from the first προγινωσκοντες με slim down imi — proginōskontes me anōthen. If they be willing to testify εαν τελωσιν μαρτυρειν — ean thelōsin martureōin.

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Condition of third class εαν — ean and subjunctive. After the straitest sect την ακριβεστατην αιρεσιν — tēn akribestatēn hairesin.

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This is a true superlative not elative and one of the three also αγιωτατος — hagiōtatos Judgesτιμιωτατος — timiōtatos Slim down imi ; Revelation superlatives in τατος — ̇tatos in the N. Robertson, Grammar, pp.

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Religion τρησκειας — thrēskeias. I lived a Pharisee εζησα Παρισαιος — ezēsa Pharisaios. Emphatic position.

Marco Perale Response to K. LXIVFr. LXIV It questions her interpretation of fr.

Paul knew the rules of the Pharisees and played the game to the full Galatians ; Philemon The Talmud makes it plain what the life of a Pharisee was. Paul had become one of the leaders and stars of hope for his sect.

Verse 6 And now και νυν — kai nun.

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Sharp comparison between his youth and the present. To be judged for the hope επ ελπιδικρινομενος — ep' elpidi̇̇krinomenos. The hope of the resurrection and of the promised Messiah Acts He does resume his narrative in Actsbut Acts are the core of his defence already presented in Galatians 3; Romans where he proves that the children of faith are the real seed of Abraham.

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Verse 7 Our twelve tribes το δωδεκαπυλον ημων — to dōdekaphulon hēmōn. A word found only here in N. Earnestly εν εκτενειαι — en ekteneiāi. A late word from εκτεινω — ekteinō to stretch out, only here in N.

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