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There is in the Akropolis  an olive tree and a little salt pond inside the shrine of the one called the Earth-born Erekhtheus.

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The story among the Athenians is that after Poseidon and Athena struggled for the land they put these there as commemoration. That olive tree was burned along with the temple by the barbarians.

Yet, on the day after it burned, when some of the Athenians pyro weight loss were ordered to go there to sacrifice arrived at the temple, they saw a new shoot about as long as a cubit already growing from the trunk.

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They then told this story. As few years ago I posted this passage as wildfires burned through Attica. As with most non-US and non-Trump related disasters, these fires went under-reported.

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The recent coverage of the conflagration that is claiming Australia right now is even worse in the US. Part of it is our own myopia and narcissism; the rest is that we are in deep denial that we have crossed some pretty terrible lines. Our hearts are with our friends, colleagues, and everyone else affected by this.

Dicit Dominus extendens cælum, et fundans terram, et fingens spiritum hominis in eo : Ecce ego ponam Jerusalem superliminare crapulæ omnibus populis in circuitu : sed et Juda erit in obsidione contra Jerusalem. Et erit : in die illa ponam Jerusalem lapidem oneris cunctis populis : omnes qui levabunt eam concisione lacerabuntur, et colligentur adversus eam omnia regna terræ. In die illa, dicit Dominus, percutiam pyro weight loss equum in stuporem, et ascensorem ejus in amentiam : et super domum Juda aperiam oculos meos, et omnem equum populorum percutiam cæcitate. Et dicent duces Juda in corde suo : Confortentur mihi habitatores Jerusalem in Domino exercituum, Deo eorum!

We can donate to help those affected, but in the long term we need to act to elect leaders who will acknowledge that we are hastening our own doom and we must hold accountable corporations that put short-term profit ahead of all pyro weight loss. This move is one of the most critical decisions of the Persian Wars, one that, arguably, is far more radical and important that the Spartan stand at Thermopylae.

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There is a simple beauty in the shoot growing from pyro weight loss burnt tree. But it is a beauty available only in hindsight and not to those who lost their lives before the story was told.

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The promise of new growth offers little solace to the dead and their bereaved families. The promise of new life from destruction is central to one of my favorite similes from Homer as well.

Homer, Odyssey 5. Then Athena Poured sleep over his eyes so he might immediately rest From his exhausting toil, once she closed his dear lashes.

Zechariah 12

The fire in this simile—that promise of life, the seed of the future—is a domesticated fire, one controlled and contingent on human relationships. It is a symbol for human potential to create and in its dormancy suppresses the urge to destroy.

A single issue is that good nutrition is highly vital if dieting. A massive reduction in bad foods, sugary food items, fried foods, sugary foods, beef, and white flour products could be necessary. Having wastes bloodsuckers, and toxins may prevent targets for fat-loss. While certain drugs temporarily solve the matter, the bad side effects usually are not worth it, and so they never supply more than a short lived solution.

The promise of life and regrowth is contingent on the conditions that give life to begin with. We have the ability to make our lives together better or worse.

Φανατικοί τζιχαντιστές σχεδίαζαν να ανατινάξουν τον Πύργο του Άιφελ στο Παρίσι και το Λούβρο

We will never rid ourselves of all risk and disaster, but we can make the decision not to rush headlong into it. When I posted these passages a few years back, I was hopeful, somehow, that something might arise out of them.

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This is primordial. He burned All the divine pyro weight loss of the pyro weight loss beast around him. Once Zeus overcame him, slamming him down with his fists, He fell, bent back, and the great Earth gasped beneath him. Zeus brings order to the kosmos by subduing Typhoios and, in part thanks to this, gets to reign as king, father of gods and men.

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We need to do things now. Anonymous, Greek Anthology, 7. Share this:.

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