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PV President.

Valdis Dombrovskis, Vice-President of the Commission. The proposal is an exceptional measure to address the unique situation in Greece.

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The agreement reached between co-legislators to maintain the Commission proposal — and the exceptional speed which with which they processed this — is a concrete sign of European solidarity. The proposal must be seen in the wider context of the reform process undertaken by Greece. Timely and effective implementation of reforms to modernise the state and the economy, as agreed under the third programme, is crucial to ensure financial stability, fiscal sustainability and sound economic fundamentals for investment, job creation and growth.

It is crucial to dispel any uncertainty and ensure a sound financial sector. With capital controls in place, the financing streams of the real economy are strained at a time when investment is needed most.

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The EU funds have an important role in this respect. There are substantial means available from the EU budget for Greece but the implementation of the project, co-financed with EU funds, is held back by the tight liquidity situation of the Greek state.

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To help address this situation we have put forward three exceptional measures so that the investment supported by EU funds can take place, and take place swiftly. For the period, it is proposed to increase the rate of initial pre—financing for Greece by seven percentage points for the European Regional Development Fund, the Cohesion Fund, the European Social Fund and the European Dont χάσουν βάρος soran and Fisheries Fund.

This frontloading should allow for starting more investments earlier. These measures should help bring the investment finance for the period to a successful conclusion. All these measures would translate into EUR 2 billion available for Greece over the two years and Importantly, these measures are budget-neutral for the current Multiannual Financial Framework and would have no impact on the payment plan either.

The additional pre-financing for the programmes should be covered by payment application by the end of It is, of course, crucial to ensure that the money duly reaches the beneficiaries and does so as quickly as possible in line with the rules of sound financial management.

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To this end, a ring-fencing mechanism will ensure that additional amounts for the period are used only for payments to beneficiaries. Greece has already put such a mechanism in place.

dont χάσουν βάρος soran

Moreover, Greece is required to report on the implementation of these measures by the end of and in the final implementation report for the period. The Commission has stood by Greece throughout the crisis with both financial support and technical assistance. We will continue to support Greece, both in the implementation of the reforms and in making the best use of EU funds.

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Technical meetings and ad hoc missions on the ground are being organised. As it happens, Commissioner Crețu is in Greece today. I am looking forward to your debate.

Nils Torvalds, föredragande av yttrande från budgetutskottet. Detta handlar naturligtvis om ett extraordinärt förfarande som aldrig är riktigt enkelt för budgetutskottet. Under den föregående perioden var jag en av skuggföredragandena för det s.

Vi hade en möjlighet att se alla de problem som den grekiska ekonomin stod inför. Av den orsaken tror jag att det är en god handräckning från parlamentets sida att godkänna detta förslag.

Dont χάσουν βάρος soran vet vi att Grekland också under flyktingkrisen hamnade under ett tryck som var för stort för den svaga ekonomin att bära.

Jag vill dock samtidigt vara oerhört tydlig på en punkt. Vi får emellanåt rapporter om det sätt på vilket Grekland handskas med europengar. I Grekland finns det en turkisk minoritet som ibland upplever sig vara illa behandlad, och vi kommer att vara mycket noggranna i uppföljningar till detta så att den turkiska minoriteten får sin beskärda del av dessa pengar. Sedan kan jag inte låta bli att säga att vi hoppas att detta ska vara gnistan — på bulgariska iskra — som tänder en bättre framtid för Grekland.

Thomas Händel, Verfasser der Stellungnahme des mitberatenden Ausschusses für Beschäftigung und soziale Angelegenheiten.


Der Beschäftigungsausschuss im Europäischen Parlament begrüßt diese Maßnahme der Kommission ganz eindeutig. Wir begrüßen besonders, dass das Frontloading stattfindet.

Insbesondere begrüßen wir, dass es keine eigenen Zuschüsse von Griechenland geben muss. Griechenland braucht dringend Hilfe.

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In der Krise sind in Griechenland über   Betriebe Pleite gegangen, vernichtet worden. Insofern brauchen dont χάσουν βάρος soran dringend und schnell Hilfe für Griechenland. Ich warne ganz dont χάσουν βάρος soran davor, jetzt allzu schnell zu sagen: Wir wollen eine Erfolgskontrolle. Diese Entwicklung einzuleiten, braucht Zeit und braucht vor allem andere Investitionen, die darüber hinausgehen, damit Griechenland die Chance hat, mit europäischer Solidarität und Hilfe wieder aus dieser Krise, aus dieser Lage herauszukommen und nicht gleichzeitig auch Arbeitsrechte zu zerstören.

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Diesen Prozess müssen wir abwarten. Da braucht es Geduld, auch in diesem Haus.

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Γεώργιος Επιτήδειος NIερώτηση "γαλάζια κάρτα". Αυτό δεν συμβαίνει, είναι ψευδές. Στην Ελλάδα δεν υπάρχει τουρκική μειονότητα. Υπάρχει μόνο μουσουλμανική μειονότητα και δεν χρειάζεται να δοθούν χρήματα σε αυτήν.

Η πρόεδρος διακόπτει τον ομιλητή President. As regards the whole package of the Juncker proposals and the related agreement reached in the dont χάσουν βάρος soran, it is absolutely necessary that we deliver. Therefore, this fast-track procedure is the correct response to this specific situation. But there is another aspect I want to touch upon, which is the control that Parliament wishes to exercise on the καύση και λίπος funds.

That is why the EPP Group proposed, in the debate at the Committee on Regional Development, to have a special rapporteur, a permanent rapporteur, on Greece. As has just been said by the rapporteur, it is a sign of solidarity in Europe. But on the other hand, we want to be sure that this money is going to the projects for which it is intended, and that the full control that applies to every other country in Europe, according to the regulations, is applied in the Greek situation.

Ich möchte mich an erster Stelle bei der Kommission bedanken, dass sie so schnell einen dont χάσουν βάρος soran Vorschlag auf den Tisch gelegt hat, nachdem der Rat monatelanges Tauziehen gebraucht dont χάσουν βάρος soran, um sich zum Schicksal von Griechenland tatsächlich gemeinsam zu äußern.

Es ist die richtige Antwort.

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