Soran dont χάνουν βάρος στίχους

soran dont χάνουν βάρος στίχους

This years main theme is "Fata Morgana". The venues used are non-profit, possessing artistic and touristic interest.

The aim of the festival is to provide a bridge of culture between Greece and Holland, especially in the field of the visual arts, attempting to spread later to more countries. Fata Morgana was, according to mythology, the sister of King Arthur.

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With magical powers she could display fake images of castles that hovered above the coast. Numerous phenomena throughout the centuries borrowed her name, explained through natural science in simple or complex ways: the apperance of ponds in the desert and "wet" pavement on roads with increased temperature, until the erection of castles and towns sailing in clouds.

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At a second level, we find the metaphysical dimension. The enormous interest of Soran dont χάνουν βάρος στίχους for the area of the paranormal may have been marching along with his scientific approach when he constructed the Tower called Tesla, which woud broadcast messages, telephone signals and images with the ultimate goal to communicate with the beyond.

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Fata Morgana charms and combines art with science. Recently, the artist Dave Lynch, based on the projector zoopraxiscope of the photographer Eadweard Muybridge, raised a green rider running in the clouds. The projector of Muybridge, indeed, seems to have given inspiration for the Kinetoskope of Edison and Dickson.

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Edison, in an interview in titled "Edison looking for a way to communicate with the other world", talked about a device that would give us the opportunity to communicate with the dead. In this, Fata Morgana gets an erotic dimension, analysis of which is present in transcripts from Mitsos Kassola in discussion with Kavvadia, which can be found online.

In the above text is given a broader conception of Fata Morgana.

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This framework defines the selection of the artworks for the project Orange Water Thama S. He participated in soran dont χάνουν βάρος στίχους Erasmus program in the University of Barcelona Onassis Foundations scholarships He participated in the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Articles and reviews of his works have been published in many Greek and international magazines, newspapers, and web-media.

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He lives and works in Athens and NYC.

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